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The Artworks of Mathiaslardin Lardin

Mathiaslardin Lardin - OfferingsOfferingsMathiaslardin Lardin

Pair d'appliques Offerings blue steel and altuglass , d'après a drawing original dice l'artiste , objects design that sculptor metal laurent lardin .

Mathiaslardin Lardin - Heads penitents d-antilopeHeads penitents d'antilopeMathiaslardin Lardin

Set of five sculptures Heads penitents d'antilope in steel , cut-out into a sheet d'acier , hammered on a anvil for giving shape , assembled by welding steel then sanded and varnished . Works d'art sculptor metal laurent lardin .

Mathiaslardin Lardin - Strange visitorStrange visitorMathiaslardin Lardin

Embossed strange visitor sheet d'acier , shapes cut has the shear , hammered on l'enclume for giving relief , meetings by welding steel lampwork , sanded and varnished . Workart d'art sculptor metal mathias lardin , to present on the wall as an painitng .

Mathiaslardin Lardin - Strange visitor n°2  Strange visitor n°2 Mathiaslardin Lardin

Embossed Strange visitor n°2 sheet d'acier , d'après a drawing original dice l'artiste , metal sculpture mathias lardin .

Mathiaslardin Lardin - Shell Alien 2Shell Alien 2Mathiaslardin Lardin

Embossed Shell Alien 2 sheet d'acier , hammered on l'enclume , assembled by rivets then sanded and varnished . Metal sculpture , workart d'art sculptor metal mathias lardin .

Mathiaslardin Lardin - Shell torso Shell torso Mathiaslardin Lardin

Embossed Shell Torso stainless steel , the initial this kind d'oeuvre as j'ai drawn , creates and carried , metal sculpture dice l'artiste mathias lardin .

Mathiaslardin Lardin - Shell ScarabéShell ScarabéMathiaslardin Lardin

Embossed Shell Scarabé in copper and zinc , metal sculpture dice l'artiste mathias lardin .

Mathiaslardin Lardin - the big one FOOD the big one FOOD Mathiaslardin Lardin

Large relief in metal ( steel , stainless steel , coppered , zinc , brass ) , d'après a theme ( the big one food ) , achieved d'après a drawing dice l'artiste , workart d'art decorative sculptor metal mathias lardin .

Mathiaslardin Lardin - BIRDBIRDMathiaslardin Lardin

Embossed Bird in steel , and copper zinc , creation of l'artiste mathias lardin .

Mathiaslardin Lardin - carnival maskcarnival maskMathiaslardin Lardin

Embossed decorative wall carnival mask in steel and copper , object d'art sculptor metal mathias lardin .