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The Artworks of Jacques Fontan

Jacques Fontan - MY DEARSMY DEARSJacques Fontan

Walking in the Region of Royan.
Meschers is a village on the edge of the Gironde estuary.
From here one is on one side, the Verdon left and the tip of St-Georges de Didone right, the water of the Atlantic sometimes pushed by the rising tide resists water brought by the Garonne Dordogne.

Jacques Fontan - Snow Bridge of SpainSnow Bridge of SpainJacques Fontan

According to a document .... gift to a friend for his birthday.
Realization in April 2015

Jacques Fontan - Ruins in the DordogneRuins in the DordogneJacques Fontan

This recent work is 'pulled' my pictures taken there three months on site.
This happens in Dordogne .... nearby ruins of a castle renowned.
Will they be restored or they will remain in the I m loved and state. A shot sunny heart.

Jacques Fontan - FallFallJacques Fontan

According to a document. Interpretation of an autumn landscape, 'old stones'.
Oil on canvas with a knife 10F

Jacques Fontan - Corsican CB4te ....Corsican CB4te ....Jacques Fontan

This is a paper knife huileau rA9alisA9e in 2O13
aprA8s of photo paper from my daughter.

Jacques Fontan - ReflectionsReflectionsJacques Fontan

A river , the trees and sky themselves began in l'eau . A few gusts add undulations mirror .

Jacques Fontan - PeoniesPeoniesJacques Fontan

Paint of flowers n'est not my cup of tea , still , to do pleasure , faut-il attempt . ; J'ai bought peonies , made some tests on the model and thereafter compound my nosegay at realize . ; this exercise m'a liked . ; C'est one from my latest watercolours . . . the rare over d'un year .