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The Artworks of Judy Lynn

Judy Lynn - Duneridge (Sold)Duneridge (Sold)Judy Lynn

This is a scene from Bald Head Island, NC

Judy Lynn - -Under the Blue Ridge- (sold)"Under the Blue Ridge" (sold)Judy Lynn

This painting is my 'take' on a small farm in the Blue Ridge mountains of NC. It seemed to be a cozy, happy place.

Judy Lynn - -Two Old Salem Houses- (Sold)"Two Old Salem Houses" (Sold)Judy Lynn

Framed in a natural color gallery-type frame. It is a scene from Old Salem, a restored Moravian 1700s settlement in what is now Winston-Salem, NC USA.

Judy Lynn - -Beach Island Houses- (sold)"Beach Island Houses" (sold)Judy Lynn

This is a composition made up of several beach houses on Bald Head Island, NC. I purposely didn't enter the site into the title because it actually could be any beach property, especially on the East Coast of the US.

Judy Lynn - -Coffee Shop on Cary Street, Richmond-  (sold)"Coffee Shop on Cary Street, Richmond" (sold)Judy Lynn

This is a corner in Richmond, VA. The cozy coffee shop and nearby neighborhood is typical of the Richmond area around Cary Street.

Judy Lynn - -Vietnam Memorial Bridge, Richmond-"Vietnam Memorial Bridge, Richmond"Judy Lynn

This subject is on I-95 just south of Richmond, VA. When I drove nearer to it, I was awed by its graceful structure. Even though man-made, it held a certain beauty & feeling of man's accomplishment for me. I tried to enhance the feeling I had when I first saw it. I hope to do a series.