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The Artworks of Surealworld Illustrations

Surealworld Illustrations - Self Portriat Self Portriat Surealworld Illustrations

This is a self portrait done in Pen and ink. I am going to use it as reference for a character I am putting in a painting I am presently working on.;I made the picture dark so i can see the different shadows that appear on the face.;This is the second portrait I have done during my life. I possess v...

Surealworld Illustrations - Humble Thy Self In The Sight Of The LordHumble Thy Self In The Sight Of The LordSurealworld Illustrations

This Pen And Ink was rendered from a image Of the painting entitled,' The Prayer At Valley Forge' by artist Arnold Friberg. I drew this rendering from my computer screen. It took a couple of hour to draw. I carved this image on a pumpkin at the annual Chadds Ford Historical Society Great Pump...