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The Artworks of Surealworld Illustrations and of style Symbolism

Surealworld Illustrations - The Soul HarvestThe Soul HarvestSurealworld Illustrations

The Soul Harvest is a 4ft. x 5ft acrylic painting. This work is surreal in style and Spiritual in content. It was painted 2002 -2004. This painting illustrates the world as being a field filled with souls from ever corner of the earth needing to be saved from eternal death which is the punishment f...

Surealworld Illustrations - The Vision Of The Four Beast : BearThe Vision Of The Four Beast : BearSurealworld Illustrations

Medium : Pen and Ink on Bristol Board;Size : 11' x 15 ';Year completed : 1987;This rendering is part of a collection of illustration I did for a professor, who taught a class on the books of Daniel / Revelation, the course was about prophecy of the end of the world. The professor used these illu...

Surealworld Illustrations - Steward of the HarvestSteward of the HarvestSurealworld Illustrations

Stephen Vattimo;Dear friends,;I have just published my first book Steward of the Harvest;Description of my book:;This book is a collection of spiritual art and poetry by Stephen J. Vattimo. The artwork and poetry challenge the viewer to open their eyes and ears to the salvation message of Jesus so t...