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The Artworks of José Miguel Pérez Hernandez and of style Contempory

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - Alicia in pinkAlicia in pinkJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Technique : acryl on canvas ; Size : 76 x 58 . 5 cm ; Year : 2018 ; Comment : Splendid , safe , firm . Landlady of universe . Ever present . The artist pays a tribute to the cuban dancer alicia alonso .

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - nature of woman iinature of woman iiJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Spanish : ; Year : 2007 ; Comment : Confidences between these women and your bird little it shows us the nature feminine . Everything is poetry , lyricism . The colour this at the function of east magical mystery . ; Inglés : ; Year : 2007 ; Comment : The confidence among estos their women and small...

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - LifeLifeJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Descriptio : Splendid female torso , in which the artist see conceptually the life . Present the miscegenation of her culture . The fullness of ones forms , achieved with the drawing and the vibration color , make of this work a sang to the woman , recurring source of her artistic production . To fi...

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - tropical girltropical girlJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Descriptio : The artist he appropriate of two great masters studied by the , Velázquez and Picasso . Give us this beautiful girl , architecture of the innocence . It plays with the cubism . The colour , well as the structure compositional of the work presents to these infant of Caribbean . Year : 20...

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - Profile of woman  on with  bird Profile of woman on with bird José Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Descriptio : Beautiful profile of woman combing with a whimsical bird which you it has nested in his hair . See the debugged drawing and the unity of bird with the visage . Range color of blues , roses , meat colors make of this work a beautiful profile of woman . ; Year : 2015

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - Mairim he it has styling polymitesMairim he it has styling polymitesJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Profile of her daughter with a beautiful hairstyle and dared hat . See the structure compositional on a enclosure ideal , the drawing of profile gives fullness of this doing . See the range color jammed in the thinner light from the blues , what do they do of this a solution of the theme Portrait . ...

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - The nap . Mairim dreams be motherThe nap . Mairim dreams be motherJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Year 2006 . Comment : The painter it has given life to this beautiful work with which he pays a tribute to long years of study and sacrifice of her daughter . Its a great works , beautiful and full where serenity is transmitted , maturity and spiritual tranquility , but all on placid dreaming . He i...