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The Artworks of Jerry Sauls and of style Nature

Jerry Sauls - After the StormAfter the StormJerry Sauls

Only a few lingering clouds and diminishing winds remain from the violent storm of the night before. As the sun makes it's first appearance the landscape begins to transform from total darkness into an embellishment of light and color made more brilliant by the freshly cleansed morning air. The stil...

Jerry Sauls - Magic RaysMagic RaysJerry Sauls

As a nature artist I have always been intrigued and fascinated by the magic of the setting sun. Although “Magic Rays” is more of a compilation of memories from past experiences, My most vivid recollections come from my visits to the Hawaiian Islands. Not sure why, but I seem to remember reading s...

Jerry Sauls - Tropic WaveTropic WaveJerry Sauls

A fleeting instant in time, captured by the Artist's brush strokes, destined to never be repeated again. It's uniqueness guaranteed by the ever-changing motion of every drop of seawater in sync with the atmospheric conditions that determine the amount and intensity of light and shades of color. Hope...