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The Artworks of De Staerke Philippe and of style 抽象表现主义

De Staerke Philippe - the multiple faces of the clown N-7  the multiple faces of the clown N'7 De Staerke Philippe

the multiplicity of faces of the clown . ; Unpublished large format works by ; 154 cm long ; sure 104 cm wide on canvas and in oil paints . ; I just finished my creation half . . . figurative and abstract half . . . ; with frame and window m will cost 300 euro ; de staerke philippe artiste peintre w...

De Staerke Philippe - beauty asian  n-6   abstract beauty asian n'6 abstract De Staerke Philippe

Workart unpublished realized by from philippe staerke with some thousands stone precious seedlings . ; Christened the beauty Asian n'6 ; Arts abstracted expressionism . ; Lengths 103 on 84 of width . ; For the weight that should weigh more to 30 kilos . ; philippe de staerke

De Staerke Philippe - beauty asian  n-7  beauty asian n'7 De Staerke Philippe

J'ai pass a time of crazy to fix has the pincers at shaved c'est stones quality and this , one by an . I have during my successful life at creates 7 works very large format with dozens thousands stone of qualities . ; On the city gallery creation you will see the septs works in question . ; I think ...

De Staerke Philippe - The Clown Sulking The Clown Sulking De Staerke Philippe

Works unprecedented on a canvas quality with of the painting at the oiled . ; I have define this canvas upon a backing very solid because j'estime by experienced in which making that this artwork will have the certainty of staying intact hundreds d years without having to be restored