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The Artworks of Charis Psachos and of style Expressionism

Charis Psachos - Last SupperLast SupperCharis Psachos

Last supper in another point of view. The sketch is based on a Subirachs pencilling and changed in a color expressionistic way.;Artwork is on strechers.

Charis Psachos - DreamCatcherDreamCatcherCharis Psachos

Oil on Canvas. Emotional painting.;The artwork is backset on stretchers but will be sent rolled in a tube.

Charis Psachos - On the roads...On the roads...Charis Psachos

Sailboats are on the roads inside the small port.;Abstract colored gesture painting with gesso preparation, oil and enamel colors.;Painting is on stretchers backset.

Charis Psachos - Sunset TreeSunset TreeCharis Psachos

A lonely tree, part of a colorfull puzzle like abstract colorscape...;Artwork is o strechers back set, 2cm side wide.

Charis Psachos - KichotisKichotisCharis Psachos

Gauze and sack Linen Canvas are glued to create the base Canvas for this artwork. The theme is inspired by Subirach's pencilling. Painting is on strechers with 2cm sides and back set. Canvas size with borders is 4-5 cm bigger than the artwork dimensions. Artwork will be posted without the strechers ...

Charis Psachos - The HorsesThe HorsesCharis Psachos

The quick life sketch of two lovely horses that captured a moment, inspired this painting.;The black contour of the horses contrasted with a colorful background. ;Tranquility inside a conflicted dualistic world.;The background created in former time, years ago and has a vintage look that is not res...

Charis Psachos - Brownish Tranquility...Brownish Tranquility...Charis Psachos

This painting is part of my thoughtless series. Created in a meditative state has nothing to say. Just exist, calm and pure, free from judgment, contrasts, and confusion. It could be somebody. It could be nobody.;Painting is 40X50X2cm on stretchers side set.;Signature is digital for printing pur...