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The Artworks of Alain Faure and of style Figurative Contemporary

Alain Faure - PsychePsycheAlain Faure

PSYCHE ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 73 ; beautiful psyche , curious girl who wanted see the face d'Eros disobedient to your god , thou almost lost him has everything ever . God dice l'amour , Eros will come back to you after correct number d'aventures represents under the features d'un child hurts th...

Alain Faure - valley glacial valley glacial Alain Faure

VALLEY GLACIAL ; Acralic on canvas : 70 x 50 ; Its sides steep themselves extend below the level of sea and yet in this place where thawing defied the snow eternal , the sea flooded with torrents , n'a more his salt surface . We are in norway into a bay , a sea pass as l'on call fjord .

Alain Faure - L-ORAGEL'ORAGEAlain Faure

L'ORAGE ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 81 ; Them are lowered both the three on this beach where it was so good yesterday still . From now on , they return separately because aujourd'hui their beautiful friendship s'est cracked from every parts . A brief gust of wind suggests qu'une disturbance is prepa...

Alain Faure - meditationmeditationAlain Faure

MEDITATION ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 81 ; The theme orientalist of this canvas evokes ' thought d'un new start ' . ; Of style figurative , this artwork go search his harmony through music notes and of brought represented by to technique l'abstraction . A compromise ideal to approach the painting e...

Alain Faure - the Beachthe BeachAlain Faure

THE BEACH ; acralic on canvas : 116 x 89 ; They have posed their sheet bath on the sand hot , spread a little d'ambre solar on l'intégralité of their body , they dreamed of months , this fois… They there are . Stylish and very casual , they guess ever qu'elles are going spark here or there some jeal...

Alain Faure - fishing at the  bold fishing at the bold Alain Faure

FISHING BOLD Acryl on Toile  : 92 x 65 Always to the search d'incroyables sensations , they are gone early taking with them an equipment sophisticated . In these tropical islands where they pass their finest vacation , they will l'embarras selecting to fish many d'espèces tuna , sharks or other barr...


CRAU LOVELY ; acralic on canvas : 65 x 50 ; C’est a steppe which s’étend at l’infini and safe which one nothing not seems to be pass and still ! The plain from there Crau conceals deal of environmental qualities but also , many secrets as l’on can discover during hikes . So , s’approchant channels d...

Alain Faure - O my  chateau O my chateau Alain Faure

O MY CHATEAU ; acralic on canvas : 61 x 46 ; In this nice day start d’été , my walk in the city medieval m’engage on the seawall that overlooks the rhône and m’offre so a particular view noteworthy on the castle that echoes at that of Tarascon . The flag occitan which fleet proudly at make of the to...

Alain Faure - THE CALLETHE CALLEAlain Faure

THE CALLE ; Acralic on Toile  : 80 x 60 ; i guess still , dazzling of colors as he offered the sun , dice l'aube at dusk . The blues mixed from the sky and of the sea n'en ended not of surprise us per l'harmonie of their monochrome . She was serene by his wonderful climate and generous for which wan...

Alain Faure - LACOSTELACOSTEAlain Faure

LACOSTE ; acralic on canvas : 81 x 60 . . . . . . workart sold ; Not far of forest cedar located in the luberon massif small , themselves trained the castle from there pretty lacoste town where stayed the marquis de sade . C'est a place single loaded d'une painful history and sometimes sulphurous . ...