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The Artworks of Alain Faure and of style 比喻当代

Alain Faure - the Beachthe BeachAlain Faure

THE BEACH ; acralic on canvas : 116 x 89 ; They have posed their sheet bath on the sand hot , spread a little d'ambre solar on l'intégralité of their body , they dreamed of months , this fois… They there are . Stylish and very casual , they guess ever qu'elles are going spark here or there some jeal...

Alain Faure - L-ORAGEL'ORAGEAlain Faure

L'ORAGE ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 81 ; Them are lowered both the three on this beach where it was so good yesterday still . From now on , they return separately because aujourd'hui their beautiful friendship s'est cracked from every parts . A brief gust of wind suggests qu'une disturbance is prepa...

Alain Faure - PsychePsycheAlain Faure

PSYCHE ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 73 ; beautiful psyche , curious girl who wanted see the face d'Eros disobedient to your god , thou almost lost him has everything ever . God dice l'amour , Eros will come back to you after correct number d'aventures represents under the features d'un child hurts th...

Alain Faure - grau of the  King grau of the King Alain Faure

THE GRAU DU KING ; acrylic painting on canvas : 100 x 73 cm ; In the middle of sandy beaches , salt marshes and coastal ponds populated by flamingos , the city of Grau-du-Roi surrounded by mediterranean waters is a picturesque getaway in the camargue . Visitors flock to the palm-lined fishing port ,...

Alain Faure - JAZZ BLUESJAZZ BLUESAlain Faure

JAZZ BLUES ; acralic on canvas : 80 x 60 ; The so blues is like correct number of musicians l’affirment at l’origine jazz , jazz blues is based on a base dice 12 steps standards…il s’agit d’une iconic grid become by its popularity , one of foundations essential music popular anglo-saxonne . johnny c...

Alain Faure - VAL ARIDVAL ARIDAlain Faure

VAL ARID ; Watercolor : 48 X 39 ( particular collection ) ; Have you thought for one times , out what would our world be if l'eau had at themselves raréfier… In item not more see bottom of valleys them greater withdrawn . Vegetation would be the premiere marked by phenomenon , who would have reason ...

Alain Faure - GORDESGORDESAlain Faure

GORDES ; Watercolor : 50 x 40 ( private collection ) ; Trained the edge of the tray vaucluse , Gordes town class among the more beautiful of france by its circumstances and her typical architecture , born lacking in charm nor d’histoire located between the period medieval and there revival . Enjoyin...

Alain Faure - The River purple The River purple Alain Faure

THE RIVER PURPLE ; acralic on canvas : 73 x 54 ; There n’y at no plot in this river which flows generously between the mountains in fall colors . There s’agit here d’un torrent at l’allure peaceful who has found his bed but who born sleeps no , because the val deep is installed upon a on long course...


RED AMOROSO ; Acrylic on canvas : 70 x 50 ; Who does not remember d’une love or d’un love in autumn ? Even if the coronation of spring plays in favor d’une natural effervescence , we really enjoyed this walk in the forest on a beautiful day in november . At this time , l’exaltation colors and that o...

Alain Faure - AVIGNONAVIGNONAlain Faure

AVIGNON ; acralic on canvas : 80 x 80 ( workart sold ) ; C'est passing along the rhône and regardless the shore borrowed , as l'on can easily themselves seduced by to resplendent city popes . When on sun sends its last rays oranges and hot on the stone the main monuments , then fairy lights happens ...