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The Artworks of style Figurative Contemporary and of topic Whimsy

Mairim Perez - Marking the timeMarking the timeMairim Perez

Technique : Acrilic on web ; Size : 56 x 76 cm ; Year : 2017 ; Comment : Figura femminile sitting on a fish , with much illusion and whimsy . She got on its hands a watch because these marking the time . Background the clouds and he space .

Sylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre - The legend of babiesThe legend of babiesSylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre

It is an idea that comes from the legend of babies who are born in cabbages or roses ... It is a tall plant with large sheets of metal, colored torch hosting a baby stone pine .. . a fairy metal with transparent wings attended the dinner given by a baby s scent. it is an imposing room can go into th...

Mairim Perez - The weaverThe weaverMairim Perez

Technique : Acrilic on Web ; Size 55 x 75 cm ; Year : 2018 ; Comment : Girl sitting on a bench blue . She is knitting with his ball of hilo and marlin . She got a lot illusion and whimsy . She is accompanied by a pigeon , which is your guardian and he is taking care of her . Background a column of b...