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The Artworks of topic Конфигурация and with the specified color and ...

Edith Dago - Toros and Spanish dancesToros and Spanish dancesEdith Dago

acrylic paint and brush on canvas (1 meter to 1 meter 50) on the theme of Spain.

Yefim Shestik - “Whirl of dance I”“Whirl of dance I”Yefim Shestik

Is an original bronze sculpture . ;Year 2012

Amiot Bernard - BailarinaBailarinaAmiot Bernard

Year 2018 ; Painting representing as an instantaneous , on the pattern d'une friend professor of dance ' Flamenco ' improvising at its d'une guitar and singing . With this movement not from dancing , the dress seemed making a goes from 'corrida' . . . also , i said have associated a bull just to the...

Maria R.P.Henriques - Time DancesTime DancesMaria R.P.Henriques

Illustration for a book of poetry--1988

Silvina Kanowsky - DancersDancersSilvina Kanowsky

Dancers Hungarians represent a traditional dance. Part of my blood dances.
Silvina Kanowsky

Latin Art Gallery - out a time in open for below out a sun brilliantout a time in open for below out a sun brilliantLatin Art Gallery

A wave of dance and light . « I watch the white from there canvas and i feel the void from there page and the pleasure dice l’espace and of material . . . Ritual that did themselves repeated no , because the abstraction painting flees control all , each canvas his own life . Layers of paint overlap ...

Rosy- Line - The Hat of the  poet The Hat of the poet Rosy- Line

Dream d’un nice summer . under helios the sun , ; Feather clad in heaven , cache at fold d’une pocket ; ; foam , to and joys , l’ombrelle red ! ; Her , arc-boutée his bright green stem , s’approche ; Of him , sera-t-elle his flower if so desired ? ; Into a sheaf flowery , germ l’idée . ; In a garden...