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The Artworks of topic Mobiliário and with the specified color and ...

Carlos Albarran - Transcending TimeTranscending TimeCarlos Albarran

Transcending time
Do not talk - Think
Do not doubt - Search
Not thou mayest bear - Sit
Do not condemn - Judge
Not estagnes - He attempts
Do not lose heart - Strive
Not furtes - Calls
Do not think - Listen
Look no - you know
Do not feel - Assesses

Barbara Mannnewart - A Bad Day, Who-s TalkingA Bad Day, Who's TalkingBarbara Mannnewart

Ever have a day where you hear people talking and theirs no one there. Stop talking but the chatter continues, not such a good day.

Jean-Claude Selles Brotons - the way of the Wooden from Silver Birchesthe way of the Wooden from Silver BirchesJean-Claude Selles Brotons

The way in the forest birch . . . a playing d'ombre and of light that lets you free d'imaginer l'espace temporal and the place . . . a proposal of travel back in time and l'espace .

Creative Wood Designs By S P - BenchBenchCreative Wood Designs By S P

This is a handcrafted cypress wood bench seat. It is original and one of a kind. It will seat two people. It is natural. Can be used inside the house or office or can be used outside in your garden or yard. Has been waterproofed and will withstand most weather conditions.

Joma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia - Aegyptico Azulis – The Sacred Stone Aegyptico Azulis – The Sacred Stone Joma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia

Sancta et Sacra… The Stone of Ages that was a grave and now is lift up, by now… Without Time, without Past, without Future,… The Stone with engraved eternal time. Without Time, without colour, without shadow, without aches… All blue are confused in cring, when the tears washes the green colour of Ti...

Jerónimo Muñoz López - -Time does not walk-'Time does not walk'Jerónimo Muñoz López

Installation: wool. glass, metal. 130X80X35 Cm. 2012. Inside the boats are news stories, lotteries and objects that have passed through my hands and that I caught in time, memories are fleeting as life itself. This work is in the Gallery Mecca Mediterranean.