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The Artworks of topic Expresionismo and ...

Mike Ebrahimi - -Wall Street-"Wall Street"Mike Ebrahimi

This piece was created in 2005 and was made with spray paint and acrylic paint on canvas. It is Mike Ebrahimi’s representation of the stock market, and the way in which it can make or break a person financially overnight.

Laurent Buntinx - wall streetwall streetLaurent Buntinx

acrylic oil and newspaper on canvas

Victor Ovsyannikov - Moscow , gorky street 32 B , Apt . 6Moscow , gorky street 32 B , Apt . 6Victor Ovsyannikov

The picture from my childhood . i lived in mayakovsky square in an apartment with a roommate , in two adjacent small rooms on the third floor of an old three-storey building . Behind the wall , behind my sofa were the scenes of the central puppet theatre obraztsov .

Amiot Bernard - Rendez-vous d-une woman in blueRendez-vous d'une woman in blueAmiot Bernard

Year 2018 ; Drawing on the motif representing a young woman waiting for his lover at nook d'une paris street , took d'une terrace of coffee for more to comfort . . . ; Round of the model in workshop and up in place with d'autres characters on the theme of l'amour . ; My composition : A large potrait...

Jacques Fontan - The Church romance The Church romance Jacques Fontan

Made during d'un contest of painter on the street , this last W . E d'avril 07 , this oil knife represents l'église romanesque of the xii century Carignan , in gironde . ; Framed magnolia and d'un chestnut on her left , d'un big tree squatted by the ivy and of glycine it right and in hidden part by ...

Mirit Ben-Nun - Abstract art acrilico sobre bold relief on wood Mirit Ben-NunAbstract art acrilico sobre bold relief on wood Mirit Ben-NunMirit Ben-Nun

Is a cult what digests on its bowels any object - useful or discarded , available and routine or rare for and out what common - mirit ben nun collects waste of street – cylinders textile cardboard , splints crush of wooden , dishes , boards , etc . - and them will creates a context new , a syntax ow...