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Classical Indian Art Gallery - By - Claude-Oscar Monet - PrintBy - Claude-Oscar Monet - PrintClassical Indian Art Gallery

'World Masters Series' ;Name : WOMEN IN THE GARDEN - Print;Artist : Claude-Oscar Monet - 1840-1936;Size: 140 x 122 cms.;Medium: Digital Print on Glossy matt paper.;Price: $100 [US Dollars] ;CONTACT: ;CLASSICAL INDIAN ART GALLERY ;122A, East Marredpally, SECUNDERABAD ;Andhra Pradesh, INDIA - 500 026....


GIVERNY PRINTING ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 73 . . . . . . . . . . ( workart sold ) ; Here we has everything at a strech the feeling that colors have been tamed by to unique light val seine . claude monet full of zeal collector d’estampes japanese , s’inspira of culture this country create his gard...

Carlos Roces - malvern churchmalvern churchCarlos Roces

in the malvern vicariage ; Item was quite long time ago ; The church had to big garden ; In the middle . . . only god

Amy Polling - LE BAISERLE BAISERAmy Polling

'LE BAISER';(AMOR EST VITAE ESSENTIA ~ LOVE IS THE ESSENCE OF LIFE);(acrylic on canvas/120x100/2010);From the beginning of my life,;I have been looking for your face....and, wish to see you with a hundred eyes..;'In the Orchard and Rose Garden of Al Qasrayn,;I long to see your face...;In the taste o...

Alexander Presniakov - The Three Graces The Three Graces Alexander Presniakov

The three graces frolic in an idyllic garden setting waiting for their male lovers to appear. To the left there is a sculpture in bronze of Hercules holding the horn of plenty.

Philhelm Philhelm - B101 - THE TREE OF LIFE IN HIS BABYLONIAN GARDEN – 2008.B101 - THE TREE OF LIFE IN HIS BABYLONIAN GARDEN – 2008.Philhelm Philhelm

BABYLONIAN / Mesopotamia has always been considered as the original heaven with its tree of life and its marvellous animals, and this, in a world where the human had yet to appear. Therefore are we renouncing at the representation of the first couple and the snake lying at the foot of tree of tempta...

Gianni Cabras-Tonara - La panchinaLa panchinaGianni Cabras-Tonara

Time is dancing in the pubblic garden. The Wealth enad the poverty are tryin' to have a bit of dialogue.

James Stow - G.B. Jongkind  -Moulins Holland- Original EtchingG.B. Jongkind "Moulins Holland" Original EtchingJames Stow

Out standing Original Lithograph by J. B. Jomnkind , the Impressionist Dutch painter, etcher. He was also among one the early Teachers to Claude Monet. Original Plate signed etching by J.B. Jongkind. This is on Laid paper and in good condition. The Sheet measures 5.50 by 7.50 inches .This is in good...