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Aldo Carhuancho Herrera - The preparation of adobeThe preparation of adobeAldo Carhuancho Herrera

andean landscape , the preparation of adobe , brick made of mud and straw with which they are constructed the dwellings in the serranias of Peru , painted on bambamarca-Perú painted on the same site

Tom Lund-Lack - Everyone a WinnerEveryone a WinnerTom Lund-Lack

This dramatic painting of the power and athleticism of the thoroughbred was from imagination, no photographs or other artwork were used in its preparation. ;I have called it Everyone a Winner as the result of what is portrayed could be just that, a photo finish. I'm looking for what makes the esses...

Tom Lund-Lack - Boxing HaresBoxing HaresTom Lund-Lack

This drawing in pastel was one of several that I did in preparation for a commissioned piece. When a visitor bought one I took another look at the sketches and thought they were worth putting up on the web.

Antoine Soubrane - painitng digital painitng digital Antoine Soubrane

Digitally generated in from d' a preparation software d' pictures fractals . ; Adaptation images with different graphics software . ; Changes of colors and from volumes . ; Extension concluding from there area of the board digital . ; Signing and up on line . ; ORDER FORMAT OF YOUR CHOICE .

Kanoa Aikala-Nelson - Ho UluHo UluKanoa Aikala-Nelson

Ho Ulu=speaks of growth to the community the land and the spirit of both in harmony.The Ho Ulu print shows a Ulu tree (breadfruit) in the center of a family preparing food as a team. There are people of each generation working as one solid unit, not only for survival but also to share in the many jo...