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The Artworks of topic Townscape and with the specified color and ...

Asbjorn Lonvig - -Confucius- in The Complete fine art works of World of Art Award winning artist Asbjorn Lonvig, Denmark."Confucius" in The Complete fine art works of World of Art Award winning artist Asbjorn Lonvig, Denmark.Asbjorn Lonvig

Asbjorn Lonvig's words: The portrait 'Confucius' is inspired by a sculpture, not the sculpture in Qufuthat is “the official likeness“ of Confucius. There are of course no pictures showing what he looked like 500 BCE, but I found a sculpture that expressed his ideas. Confucius, 551 BCE - 479 BCE, was...

Surealworld Illustrations - Decision Decision Surealworld Illustrations

Size 4’ x 5’ Painted on canvas Medium acrylic painted 1995;In this illustration i am trying to portray how active the spiritual world is in every day of our lives. How heaven and hell, these two kingdoms are battling it out to win our devotion. Even when A person chooses to become part of God’s fami...

Sergio Milani - Sound 2017-19Sound 2017-19Sergio Milani

sergio milani artist , designed , built and painted in italy , size . . cm the 24x21x10 , weight Kgs 0 , 500 ; The horse of sound line and towable , is mounted on a cart in fine wood , all'interno a carillon rings during the motion , ; that way decoration is performed on bottom white and it develops...

Gérard J. Mahieux - THE PONT NEUF by kenzoTHE PONT NEUF by kenzoGérard J. Mahieux

The 21 June 1994 , kenzo covered the pont neuf thousands of flowers . . . ; Carried on place that day , it will wait 17h00 for qu'un ray of sun illuminated the site . ; Abortive of you say that both the blooms had disappeared next day morning !

Bernard Chauvelot - Round small breton d-aprés GaughinRound small breton d'aprés GaughinBernard Chauvelot

Easel painting . Stake the square design , Successive glazes , Varnish . ; ( Not available , on order , Format 92 x 65 = 1650 € , other formats feasible ) ; Gaughin to run this painting by 1888 , It sits has the national gallery of Art as , Washington . ; Gaughin located at the dance of its three gi...

Slobodan Paunovic - Le Pont Marie, ParisLe Pont Marie, ParisSlobodan Paunovic

I was inspired by that beautiful motif.;I hope that the viewers will feel that.

Asbjorn Lonvig - Inspired by Pont NeufInspired by Pont NeufAsbjorn Lonvig

Asbjorn Lonvig's words: All my life I thourght that Pont Neuf ment bridge number nine. It means the new bridge!!;Wikipedia's words: The Pont Neuf (French for 'New Bridge') is the oldes standing bridge across the river Seine in Paris, France. Its name, which was given to ;distinguish it from older br...

Asbjorn Lonvig - Inspired by Pont des ArtsInspired by Pont des ArtsAsbjorn Lonvig

Asbjorn Lonvig's words: I was searching something on Amazon.com.;By accident I saw this very unique and spectacular construction of a nine-arch metallic pedestrian bridge on a cover of a book.;I later had the opportunity to get close to the construction - sure, there were a basis of a new motif. ;...