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The Artworks of topic Sensuality and ...

Freddy Blackberry - PERFUME of IVRESSE (pu)PERFUME of IVRESSE (pu)Freddy Blackberry

inspiration ... The empire of the senses.
Drunken words before the feverish acts!

Freddy Blackberry - YELLOW BIKINI (pu)YELLOW BIKINI (pu)Freddy Blackberry

New perspective ...
Events such as meetings are of interest only if they provide change
see positive atypical.
thank you, Marie Paulhiac.

O. Aimant Damour - Vision Astrale de l-Illumination par la Jouissance Orgasmique Vision Astrale de l'Illumination par la Jouissance Orgasmique O. Aimant Damour

to be more conscious and to better benefit from pleasure: wellbeing, happiness, cherish, satisfaction, delight, delight, enivrement, erotism, intoxication, joy, pleasure, lasciviousness, mollesse, orgasme, pleasure, treat, direction, sensuality.=;pour être plus conscient et mieux profiter de la vol...

O. Aimant Damour - Subtiles Voluptés Illuminantes du Yoni SacréSubtiles Voluptés Illuminantes du Yoni SacréO. Aimant Damour

Nutritive contemplation of pleasures, wellbeing, happiness, cherishes, satisfaction, delight, delight, enivrement, erotism, intoxication, joy, pleasure, lasciviousness, orgasme, pleasure, treat, direction, sensuality, sensuality: wellbeing, flesh, concupiscence, satisfaction, delight, delight, desi...

O. Aimant Damour - Contemplation inductrice de pur JoieContemplation inductrice de pur JoieO. Aimant Damour

Inductive contemplation of pure Joy, approval, ease, joy, recreation, heat, favours, bliss, wellbeing, benefit, happiness, consolation, satisfaction, delight, softness, enchantement, enjouement, enthusiasm, spirit, blooming, euphoria, exaltation, extase, exultation, happiness, pride, folichonnery, c...

Freddy Blackberry - The Rite of Spring (sculpture pu)The Rite of Spring (sculpture pu)Freddy Blackberry

Contemporary sculpture cooking way 'Raku'
theme 'RESURRECTION' saying my return to the international scene.
What does not kill me, strengthens me!
The return of 'Freddy' ... and beware it is not satisfied (small note of black humor!) Lol
Special dedication to Mr. and Mrs. Pfeiffe...

Freddy Blackberry - BEYOND THE SEA (sculpture pu)BEYOND THE SEA (sculpture pu)Freddy Blackberry

The sea in danger.
There are not that scholarship ignites. Quest unlimited profit a consequence,
the temperature rise due to human pollution, global warming, the melting of the Arctic ice, rising sea levels, the disappearance of small islands, the programmed removal of fauna, flora, mangro...

Freddy Blackberry - THE PROMISE ... (Pu)THE PROMISE ... (Pu)Freddy Blackberry

Spiritual interpretation
motivated by sensitive adhesion of my 'faith.'
do not forget that hope is the opening of armored doors.
Courage, spirits and psychic deserts await our response!

Freddy Blackberry - NOSTALGIA circus (pu) freddy BlackberryNOSTALGIA circus (pu) freddy BlackberryFreddy Blackberry

What is left of laughter and children s tears, emotion, magic, the jokes of his friend the white clown, burlesque parodies of the orchestra, patched clothes, shoes size 57, joyful improvisation with the audience.
The years of training sessions and rehearsals, the sweat that burn the eyes, halog...