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Octavian Florescu - ENCHANTED FLUTEENCHANTED FLUTEOctavian Florescu

In the spiritual blackness behind this reality I hear the instrument of emmense musical beauty, the flute of creation, being held and played by a Divine pair of hands; a direct represention of the vibrational sound and soul of a completely different musical dimension. In this reality, the fabric of ...

Pellegrino - Leda - -CREATURE OF ORIGIN OR creationist scientist-- January 2014'CREATURE OF ORIGIN OR creationist scientist?' January 2014Pellegrino - Leda

GOD AND SCIENCE 'If we (scientists) could find the answer to the question of the THEORY OF EVERYTHING, would be the ultimate triumph of human reason - at that time, LL GET TO KNOW THE THOUGHT OF GOD.' STEPHEN HAWKING wrote this in his book 'A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME', his CREDO, perhaps dedicated to t...

Simonetta Berruti - Venere lesa   Injured VenusVenere lesa Injured VenusSimonetta Berruti

An “Injured Venus” is any woman felt himself in her existence offended and violated not only in her body but, above all, in her mind. The sculpture remembers in his triangular shape a lacerated and violenced feminine sex. A petrified rape that lives in the absolute immobility of the pain.

Chris Cornett - What has been lostWhat has been lostChris Cornett

the representation of the first memory i have regarding the epiphany of finite existence

Nabakishore Chanda - veena Badiniveena BadiniNabakishore Chanda

Veena Badini:(Acrylic on canvas,24'x30',$800);-----------------------------------------------;The mellifluous and gentle presence of Goddess Saraswati with her Veena is suggestive of the beauty of existence.

Lohmuller Gyuri - Antientropic puzzle of elementsAntientropic puzzle of elementsLohmuller Gyuri

The original was sold.;Upon request, I can paint a similar theme (more or less accurate than the original). Please contact me to order.