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The Artworks of topic Nature In and with the specified color and ...

Jean-Paul Golinvaux - the way place in  there  forest the way place in there forest Jean-Paul Golinvaux

When the light enters the forest ; Painted knife on canvas linen . WENT PRIMA

Alain Denefle Dit Niala - L-eau laughingL'eau laughingAlain Denefle Dit Niala

After the hardship from late of nineties 80 , will come the renaissance . The theme of the garden , the sense ample , go take a prominent place in all the decade 90 . ; This painting dice 1992 part funds d'atelier dice l'artiste .

Karla Ricker - LegsLegsKarla Ricker

The image was created using a 4x5 camera. I then contact printed it on palladium emulsion. The palladium emulsion is painted on paper and once dried the negative is placed on op of the emulsion and exposed to UV light. I simply placed it out in the sun. The process seems simple enough but it takes m...

Martina Krupickova - Winter Life in Pragu 2019 - soldWinter Life in Pragu 2019 - soldMartina Krupickova

Since that first painting in 1999, I believe I’ve developed my own style. The light is the most important part of the painting. I try to capture the right balance of light and shadow to add depth. My pictures draw on personal experiences that are a reflection of the visible.;Awards: February 2020 - ...

Stephen J Vattimo Illustrations - The Three WitnessesThe Three WitnessesStephen J Vattimo Illustrations

Acrylic on Canvas;Size :48'x 68';Year finished: 2004-14 ;This painting illustrates three witness who are taking part in the salvation;of a homeless person. the figure in the background are angles, this imposed by them being Positioned on second floor balconies,symbolizing they are not humans,they a...

Anna Zygmunt Pietrek - 76. -Bears-, 2012, cm.80x6076. 'Bears', 2012, cm.80x60Anna Zygmunt Pietrek

Wonderful painting depicting a corner of the children s room With Their favorites-toy teddy bears, wonderful friends of Their childhood. Delicates soft toys, playmates, Placed in a scene dominated by the warm color of the wood and dominated by colors: browns, light-brown, purple and clear from the c...