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The Artworks of topic Mythology and with the specified color and ...

Aldo Carhuancho Herrera - The Fall of IcarusThe Fall of IcarusAldo Carhuancho Herrera

mixed work sur canvas , acrylics , feathers birds , gel acrylics , critical work of man modern , contrast between icaro representing the modernity which is a young what not it measures its boundaries and ends falling , and natives amazon who live of way contrary to the modernity but small before the...

Philhelm Philhelm - M86 -  SINGULAR COMBAT AT KNOSSOS - 2008M86 - SINGULAR COMBAT AT KNOSSOS - 2008Philhelm Philhelm

MINOAN / (Text translated by Google) / Although a single combat with Minoan woman with Minoan one (or Mycenaean?), Nothing in the ancient past only confirms some Cretan aggressiveness of women to men, there is also invalidates the opposite ... The issue remains, the dominant woman, as is assumed to...

Rosy- Line - The Chestnut Tree Enchanted The Chestnut Tree Enchanted Rosy- Line

The rare long time , in a distant country . By one nice day d'automne , windy , under a bright sunshine , that the small chestnut from there higher bough the old chestnuttree , themselves let fall , fall , and fall . . . . . . . . . .

Alexander Presniakov -  Danaë DanaëAlexander Presniakov

Danaë is approached by a god from Mount Olympus on a horse-drawn chariot. He shoots gold coins from his hunting bow into her bedroom as she gazes in a hypnotic trance. Seduced by the mist that emanates from the coins, which fall gently to her side.

Jean-Claude Selles Brotons - out the Undergrowth  up in  fall out the Undergrowth up in fall Jean-Claude Selles Brotons

What a beautiful autumn , l'automne . . . pyrenees . . . the mushrooms , the little waterfalls , the cool d'un undergrowth . . .