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The Artworks of topic Marine Landscape and with the specified color and ...

Philippe Berthier - the coast basque . . . .the coast basque . . . .Philippe Berthier

fine art printing you METAL , metal flat . ; Sublimation printing ; Sublimation printing is at two-step process : Firstly printing at digital column , then at engine pass to almost 200 degrees , in order to fix tea inks from tea paper you tea aluminum flat . ; With at particularly contemporary appea...

Leonard Shane - TranquilCoveTranquilCoveLeonard Shane

If you love the West Coast or boating, this picture captures that here and watercolor really lends itself to expressing this. I love the mood that I've created here as people find it calming and relaxing, in fact many of them seem to recognize the exact location of this scene. The reality is, it i...

Leonard Shane - Tranquil CoveTranquil CoveLeonard Shane

This scene captures what West Coast boating means to me, quiet, tranquil moments surrounded by the magnificence of the ocean and tall towering forests of Douglas Fir trees.

Andrée Schindler - The clochetThe clochetAndrée Schindler

Landscape of the coast d'azur . ; Accompanied paint d'un certificate d'authenticité . / ; paint provided with coa .

Alain Faure - Shot Tobacco Shot Tobacco Alain Faure

SHOT TOBACCO ; Acryl on Toile  : 70 x 50 . . . . . . workart sold ; The sky s’est suddenly darkened and the assaults of wind grow the clouds dark around the coast . The sea change its colors then that waves loaded d’écume break into bursts and  prennent volume impressive . C’est the tempest , she wi...

Piffeteau Marie-Laure - Biarritz Anglet perspectiveBiarritz Anglet perspectivePiffeteau Marie-Laure

Unfortunately the photo taken with wooden edge of the bridge ....
dimensions including frame