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The Artworks of topic Landscapes and with the specified color and ...

Jacques Fontan - in quebec . . . the river Richelieuin quebec . . . the river RichelieuJacques Fontan

Made watercolor out from d'un small document black and white

Denis Armand - Village Villard d-Arenes Tall AlpsVillage Villard d'Arenes Tall AlpsDenis Armand

Made watercolor on site while coming from there Important method wet watercolor canson paper

Jacques Fontan - lake villandrautlake villandrautJacques Fontan

A sunday , a few pictures taken this lake very fréquenté and sunny . That happens at Villandraut . To make this work on site , it needs wait again , in autumn eg . It must be very lovely ! Made watercolor in workshop .

Martijn Limburg - View on VeghelView on VeghelMartijn Limburg

After many considerations and doubts, it became finally clear. Finally al puzzle pieces did fit together. A railroad from the past, brutally truncated and intersected by a newly constructed road. The gates are still recognizable. The railroad house in the foreground was converted into a family hou...

Stephanie Taylor - Howling Siberian Husky Prop (1-6-09)Howling Siberian Husky Prop (1-6-09)Stephanie Taylor

This is a picture of a thing I did for a school project the night before. It took maybe 1 1/2 to 3 hours. It's a painting of a howling Siberian Husky that I did on a piece of uber thin cardboard (8' from nose to tail; 9' from nose to bottom. It would have been bigger but I lacked the cardboard and e...

Jacques Fontan - the garden from vicarthe garden from vicarJacques Fontan

A challenge upon a site peinting . . . d'après a photo submitted . ; Small made watercolor on montval 300g .

Leonard Shane - IlluminosityIlluminosityLeonard Shane

This scene of the Western Wall in Jerusalem was motivated by a desire to create an image that gave a sense of inspiration, and a sense of light and hope for this part of the world. Interestingly, as I often do, I started with the skyline, creating a dramatic interplay of colors and effects. From h...

Detante Michel - the bridgethe bridgeDetante Michel

the bridge , c'est d'abord and before everything , a link . A link between the men . No matter au-dessus of what happening , this qu'il there at before or post , it exists . He is yonder . He is there to that men find , themselves found , themselves fleeing several times . At l'approche from there n...