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The Artworks of topic Land Scape and ...

Marie Cino - dawn out of  out the  lake in dawn out of out the lake in Marie Cino

In ' dawn on lake ' , the sky offer us many colours The strong brightness white at center représentre positivity and l'optimisme .

Manuel Soares - the fiery at the  lake in the fiery at the lake in Manuel Soares

Reflections from one fire out of out a lake in

Jean-Paul Golinvaux - Dusk on out the  lake in Dusk on out the lake in Jean-Paul Golinvaux

At dusk , the barque slips on l'eau from lake . Quietude and serenity d'un evening . ; Oil on canvas . Painted knife , went prima .

Jude Bong Kee Chuan - get us out...!!get us out...!!Jude Bong Kee Chuan

Hell - a place of eternal pain, sorrow, despair and regrets... trying in vain to be free, but to no avail... ;the lake of fire...;repent! be saved, or perish...

Kristin Abraham - One Fur TradeOne Fur TradeKristin Abraham

When you think of Minnesota, it is easy to relate to the “Twin Cities” and envision a large spoon and cherry sculpture. Or maybe thoughts of one thousand lakes fill the mind, but what about fur trading? Those who have visited Voyageurs National Park, in the Northeast portion of the state, understand...