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The Artworks of topic Imaginative Figurative and with the specified color and ...

Jürgen Grafe - -Hommage at DAVID BOWIE -"Hommage at DAVID BOWIE "Jürgen Grafe

Off the Series ' Tribute to Artistic personalities ' a unique from the Artist's atelier by jürgengrafe . ; a council of h ODAY is a value for mor GENE ; jürgen grafe is a native of dresden Artist and studied into the 60iger Years the ' University for visual artists Arts ' in dresden ( Peinting , Gra...

Harry Weisburd - Woman In Red Dress On The Streets of San FranciscoWoman In Red Dress On The Streets of San FranciscoHarry Weisburd

Sexy woman in a red dress wallking on the streets of San Francisco, man with a newspaper.Sexy realistic contemporary figurative painting.

Surealworld Illustrations - Salvation In A Storm Salvation In A Storm Surealworld Illustrations

2’ X 4’ canvas medium acrylic Painted 1996;This painting illustrates a man who finds safety from drowning in a stormy sea by climbing on to the platform in shape of a cross. the storm it’s self represents the trail we face in life. the ship wrecked person show that we have nothing we can approach Go...

Julien Gallery - WHO II MANWHO II MANJulien Gallery

signed with gold leaf reminiscent of the name of the artist
signed dated +

Jude Bong Kee Chuan - Passion Admist ChaosPassion Admist ChaosJude Bong Kee Chuan

the passion between lovers knows no boundary... knows no distractions... knows no man-made rules... it overwhelmes their souls... like two bright shinning stars in the distant universe....