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The Artworks of topic Imaginary and with the specified color and ...

Yan D.Soloh - The Doors D-EDEN . -/ou : Go , n-iront no .The Doors D'EDEN . &/ou : Go , n'iront no .Yan D.Soloh

private collection -Brooklynn NYC USA . MAY 2006 ; yan d . Soloh Copyright06Yandsoloh06 . For in know more on long on me , to view moor and of see info about my work , abstract , events , privatcoll . , Gallery etcetera . . . please visiting my website : ww . solohmonde . com and/or feel free to wri...

Sipo Liimatainen - Eden - Modern fractal artEden - Modern fractal artSipo Liimatainen

'Eden' was born when I start thinking man and the stories associated with the beginning of time. This modern fractal artwork belongs to my 'Listen with your eyes' series. “Eden” is the pilot work of my art collection “Eden”.

Agnex Agnes Pointier - garden of Eden garden of Eden Agnex Agnes Pointier

Eden ; Magic lilith , ; The king hunchbacked ; T'a inflicted the worst outrages , ; And c'est completely naked ; You have together your courage , ; And your stills mystics . ; Temptation d'Eve ; N'est not for you , ; For the secrets dice l'Art Strange , ; Thou aces already taking you . ; And your fa...

Aldo Carhuancho Herrera - EdenEdenAldo Carhuancho Herrera

Natural landscape , action at the time of shooting of a fish archer against a dragon-fly , the life and death they are part of the same scene

Martijn Limburg - Les EucalyptusLes EucalyptusMartijn Limburg

Comme amant de Côte d'Azur, le concept de 'Les Eucalyptus' comme un hôtel romantique au milieu des vignes et à moins de 200 mètres des plus belles plages de la côte sud, près de Saint-Tropez, s'inscrit précisément dans ce contexte. Cette peinture a été remis à la sympathie des propriétaires Florence...

Richard Lazzara - golden foam on the seasgolden foam on the seasRichard Lazzara

GOLDEN FOAM ON THE SEAS, from the folio SUMI-E DOORS is available at ww.shankar-gallery.com, Boulder, CO.USA.

Sipo Liimatainen - Whispering wind - Modern fractal artWhispering wind - Modern fractal artSipo Liimatainen

This modern fractal artwork with sense of the Great North belongs to my “Eden” – series.

Emmanuel Ferreira - apple of Eden apple of Eden Emmanuel Ferreira

Canvas done the acrylics paints on stretcher canvas flax . ; It represents apple with the snake in which go out but also we can view the silhouette d'Eve . The rush brings the side Male d'Adam . ; L'œuvre is signed on the rush and against signed and dated on the back side . ; Provides certificated d...