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The Artworks of topic Forest and ...

Nick Savides - Grand Canyon of Yellowstone at Sunrise #1Grand Canyon of Yellowstone at Sunrise #1Nick Savides

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA. I thought this was pretty breathtaking. I really like way the light was shining in from the side and the angles of the two sides of the canyon conterbalancing themselves. The osprey is there to lighten it up a bit -- its flight to contrast with the weight an...

Kristin Abraham - SaturatedSaturatedKristin Abraham

Oregon's Crater Lake is the main inspiration for the painting titled “Saturated.” What is now the deepest lake in America was once a towering mountain called Mount Mazama. The legend of Mount Mazama tells of the ancient Klamath people who lived in the shadows of the mountain. Mount Mazama was home t...

Jean-Paul Golinvaux - the way place in  there  forest the way place in there forest Jean-Paul Golinvaux

When the light enters the forest ; Painted knife on canvas linen . WENT PRIMA

Stephen J Vattimo Illustrations - The Three WitnessesThe Three WitnessesStephen J Vattimo Illustrations

Acrylic on Canvas;Size :48'x 68';Year finished: 2004-14 ;This painting illustrates three witness who are taking part in the salvation;of a homeless person. the figure in the background are angles, this imposed by them being Positioned on second floor balconies,symbolizing they are not humans,they a...

Pierre Gillon - You and me  always You and me always Pierre Gillon

two gazes verses The Endless up and there light

Breton Michel - Lighthouse BretonLighthouse BretonBreton Michel

small lighthouse breton , creates a day of bazaar the crusts , Sylvie l'aima and l'emmena . ; That that lighthouse from of my fantasy be there light , qu'il tells you the way happiness .

Diafano Luccosu - fruits from  our  system fruits from our system Diafano Luccosu

You you ask peut-être themselves as j'ai wanted to pass as errand ? Or , why there cavnas est-elle if empty ? ; I wanted making a workart very original , c'est wherefore j'ai paint this canvas thus representing our system solar . I found as l'idée to reproduce the planets par of fruit were perfect b...