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The Artworks of topic Flowers That and ...

Ginette Villeneuve - Rose From xmas Rose From xmas Ginette Villeneuve

I painted of tables on order only . The prize that i demand dice ; 1 . 33$ in silver canadian thumb square . Here's how i work them for controls overseas , you me say what you wish as a subject , i you shows works conducted at l'ordinateur and i paint d'après l'oeuvre which you have chosen . . . The...

Les Couleurs Du Printemps - only flowers that only flowers that Les Couleurs Du Printemps

when the life decide to we smile , ; our heart s'ouvre and blooms ; and the spring s'annonce out into seasons ; and we themselves sees enlightened and radiating ; i often ask ; that must be done to shine like a star or a diamond ; that he must think for stay awake ; that and must tell to at l'autre ...

Christian Bonnefoy - NympheasNympheasChristian Bonnefoy

Water-lilies ; Shipping refund or check against cashed or paypal before shipment ; Attentiveness : if in retraction , not from refund only one have matching price sales .

Safa Ouhmid - atmosphere FLORAL atmosphere FLORAL Safa Ouhmid

in this painting you found a mix of mediums , the techniques who do riches of the painting silk , j'ai used for this painting a thicker silk , c'est true qu'elle is one little in more difficult paint because pigments and gutta have more to trouble penetrate the tang , one but once framed the table w...