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The Artworks of topic Expresionismo and with the specified color and ...

Asbjorn Lonvig - -The Old Town Clock, Halifax- in The Complete fine art works of World of Art Award winning artist Asbjorn Lonvig, Denmark."The Old Town Clock, Halifax" in The Complete fine art works of World of Art Award winning artist Asbjorn Lonvig, Denmark.Asbjorn Lonvig

Asbjorn Lonvig's words: Inspired by the Old Town Clock, Halifax.;I was finishing 'the Peggy's Cove Lighthouse', which is not very far from Halifax at St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia. I could not recist taking a closer at Halifax. I found this amazing building from 1803, which turned out to be a clock...


“CAPTURED BY THE BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY” ;~Les Bohèmes de Paris~;(acrylic on canvas/140x100/2011);“Is this the real life…or, is this just fantasy..?;Caught in a landslide; no escape from reality.;Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and see”….;Paris 1962;The year, that Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev f...

Philhelm Philhelm - P169 -The origin of the tiger on earth from the Priests of Dongba, Naxi. 2013P169 -The origin of the tiger on earth from the Priests of Dongba, Naxi. 2013Philhelm Philhelm

You may already know 'The origin of the horse on earth,' thanks to my previous painting P168 referenced on my website in the 'Art Gallery', here finally, 'The origin of the Tiger' In the same spirit, since, as you now know, this table is read like a book that actually exists in the original format 9...

Magritte Martine - there weighing  without  Soul there weighing without Soul Magritte Martine

Nothing n'est jamaais white , nothing n'est black never , we are an all little in both . ; The well , the evil : what a story !

Rosy- Line - The Hat at there feather goldenThe Hat at there feather goldenRosy- Line

Feather d’or ; Feather was a little boy of eight years , the sun gleamed in his hands . The words caressed her fingers , danced sentences , texts and sang poetry . ; All the night , his grand-mère tell her a story . ; But his favorite story was there « Legend the kingdom of dentartenciels » where li...

Rosy- Line - Amazed . . .Amazed . . .Rosy- Line

All the years , the sisters dentartenciels weave a dress that will destiny to one little girl of theworld entire . This magical dress can change color and themselves to transform each time qu'on the desire . ; Mary was quite consoled and amazed by this beautiful story . ; Hirondella promised marie o...

Frédéric Gironde - Usbarts - tea selfish gianttea selfish giantFrédéric Gironde - Usbarts

booklet by 8 pages , on paper ( basic linen and cotton ) , polyester film . media melant technology new and traditional . ; Story short d'Oscar Wilde Tea selfish giant , exit the tale of receuil : tea happy on prince --other tales and version original ; Accomplishment fired 10 exemplary .

Hector Toro - -L-Art and there Manner 1 - ***"L'Art and there Manner 1 " ***Hector Toro

Premiere part of the serial ' L'Art and there Manner ' . . . ; Composition inspired by the passion for l'art and l'art of passion . . . c'est a long story . . . c'est a return the sources sort of . . . a return my premiere three months after creation my arrives La france in oct. . 1989 ! . . . j'ai ...

Deco Haiti - The marchesThe marchesDeco Haiti

Faded colors of the walls , color ubiquitous markets , vivid colors houses villages , surreal decoration of ' Taptap ' through it the cities . ; Haiti is one festival of colours , as if you wanted to escape , by coloring the world , the insurmountable difficulties from the life daily , as if you wan...