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The Artworks of topic Countryside and with the specified color and ...

Jean-Paul Golinvaux - L-église wellin view from yonder grand-placeL'église wellin view from yonder grand'placeJean-Paul Golinvaux

L'église surrounded of its houses 18ème . Wellin , small famenne village at the gate ardennes . ; oil on canvas . Painted knife went prima ( fees in the fresh )

Jean-Paul Golinvaux - Redu seen from the naweRedu seen from the naweJean-Paul Golinvaux

L'église redu ( town book ) . View d'un place called ' the nawe ' ; Painted knife and went prima

Asbjorn Lonvig - -L-église de la Madeleine- in The Complete fine art works of World of Art Award winning artist Asbjorn Lonvig, Denmark."L'église de la Madeleine" in The Complete fine art works of World of Art Award winning artist Asbjorn Lonvig, Denmark.Asbjorn Lonvig

Asbjorn Lonvig's words: 'L'église de la Madeleine' is of cause inspired by L'église de la Madeleine.;La Madeleine's design is obviously inspired by the Roman Pantheon of which I have made several motifs. The present L'église de la Madeleine is designed as a temple to the glory of Napoleon's army. Wa...

Gérard J. Mahieux - THE PECQTHE PECQGérard J. Mahieux

Achievement on the motif , countersigned , dated and referenced back . Copyright adagp

André Rosière - Gesves , town condrozGesves , town condrozAndré Rosière

painted on out the pattern completed in workshop

Jacques Fontan - Spring TressoisSpring TressoisJacques Fontan

At Carignan , beside dice l'église , the rare this way that lead at a meadow with grazing of horses . ; In spring , he is fully lined with flowers white . ; Watercolor , j'ai wanted to show . ; Fabriano 30 , 5 x 45 , 5

Blaž Erzetič - Notre DameNotre DameBlaž Erzetič

From the series of 13 images Gothique

Raymonde Tormo - my Town my Town Raymonde Tormo

l'église view from the st jeans cau in rueil Bad house ; quiet street the city ; painting has l'huile ; very beautiful flowery city and loaded d'histoire ; L'église dice Rueil-Malmaison of which the founding traced back the ninth century , houses the tombs dice l'Impératrice Josephine and of his gir...