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The Artworks of topic Contempory and with the specified color and ...

Anna Zygmunt Pietrek - A Woman in Red, 2012 oil canvasA Woman in Red, 2012 oil canvasAnna Zygmunt Pietrek

Beautiful portrait depicting a delicate semi-abstract female figure That test an elegant evening dress for a special occasion. The delicate female figure is collocated on the right side of the painting in front of a semi-abstract background dominated by the colors: red, pink, white, violet and black...

Joma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia - Hijos de La Luna II (Sons of the Moon II)Hijos de La Luna II (Sons of the Moon II)Joma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia

Far, far away in the horizon, red and dark lights of fire dancing in the darknesses shine in the beggining of the evening, in the end of the day. The nights fall and I am still there. as I was in since the beggining of the world when all began. Nothing has changed since then in my inmost eternity. O...

Mairim Perez - Enamored at the circusEnamored at the circusMairim Perez

Technique : Acrilic on Web ; Size : 60 x 80 cm ; Year : 2018 ; Comment : Couple of harlequins on a forefront . They are enamored and it at end by every evening its function he and she he caress . Is a very love soft and filled of colors . The one with a suit harlequin to diamonds , beautifully degra...

Jose Manuel Solares - Oedipus and the Sphinx.Oedipus and the Sphinx.Jose Manuel Solares

In Ancient Greece, ceramics, was probably Introduced from Asia in the late third millennium BC Followed Various forms have its evolution until the red-figure style, we can see In this interpretation Kylix embossed V century BC Attic
According To Greek mythology, the Sphinx had the task of overs...

Alain Faure - Evening of fishing Evening of fishing Alain Faure

EVENING OF FISHING ; acralic on canvas : 81 x 60 ; By night fell leasurely on sea still calm in it spring strangely warm and dry . Far from harbor , them on blues intertwined from the sky and from waves , the trawler maneuver to go up a net of which the taking will be resold directly to consumer or ...

Maïa Latourte Ily Maï Blue - New-YorkNew-YorkMaïa Latourte Ily Maï Blue

The dynamism , the sea , the light , an evening dice juin… from red , silver , of white , blue , of colors strong shapes cubic , contrast seductive .

Martina Shapiro - Dreamy Red NudeDreamy Red NudeMartina Shapiro

This painting has already been sold. Visit the artist's website: ww.MartinaShapiro.com;Contact artist: martisart@shaw.ca;Dramatic and sensual abstract nude. She is feminine, confident and bold with a seductive gaze. This painting has a lot of texture, and the canvas shows through in some places. I c...