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The Artworks of topic Affection and ...

Angelika Fleck - der kuss , the kissder kuss , the kissAngelika Fleck

for french or german , please visit my blog afleck8 . artblog . fr/ for further top explanations . ; This would be tea kind of painting to be exposed in tea Southeast corner in of your house / living room in order to attract good luck in love wedding and .

Ramos Miguel - symbiosissymbiosisRamos Miguel

A relationship in love between two people could be compared at a set d'engrenages , with a good compatibility , dialogue ( graisse… ) That may sometimes étonné… Much by the quality that by painted ca longévité… ; Weights 2 kg

Stephanie Taylor - Taylor Electric-Acoustic Guitar 12-31-08Taylor Electric-Acoustic Guitar 12-31-08Stephanie Taylor

A copy of a drawing of a Taylor Elecoustic guitar that I drew for my sister, Lesley. It sorta resembles the guitar that she got for Christmas this year, only hers is electric. And an imitation Fender. The base and scratch guard of the guitar was tinted blue with Koh-I-Noor Woodless Colored Pencils. ...

Steven Streight - splutter zone (for STEREOLAB)splutter zone (for STEREOLAB)Steven Streight

STEREOLAB is my favorite band of all time. They are a dream come true. Blending moog synthesizers and retro electro noises, beatnik lounge music, Velvet Underground guitar stylings, cherubic sweet celestrial female voices, delicious otherworldly drums and rhythm machines, with social commentary and ...

Raba Martinet - Tea 2 CoilTea 2 CoilRaba Martinet

Tea 2 Coil - painted and draw on paper good quality , contents , pencils , lacquers - 05 . 03 -

Rachel Guillaubez - Give peace at chance atGive peace at chance atRachel Guillaubez

C'est one morning listening ' Give peace at chance at ' as j'ai started this cavnas . On a painting acrylic are ; glued rhinestones representative diamonds ' Lucy in tea sky with diamonds ' , a small bit d'une partition beatles , the big blue sun the dark medium is a projector gelatin burned . . . s...

Marie C. Cudraz - TO POST - 100 exemplary - HER - ITS LEGS - POP-ARTTO POST - 100 exemplary - HER - ITS LEGS - POP-ARTMarie C. Cudraz

L'ORIGINAL of this picture is available on this site screen 25 x 25 cm . Here i propose a breeding form poster , PICTURED to order close this site directly . 100 numbered prints dice 1/100 at 100/100 in l'ordre commands settlement . Accompanied d'un certificate sent by email after confirmation and s...

Ifeka Terry - Good Good LaughGood Good LaughIfeka Terry

This is 100% handmade drawing by the artist Ife'ka Terry.