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The Artworks of topic Abstract and ...

Lluís Pujals - DISCORD 2DISCORD 2Lluís Pujals

THEME : LISTEN TO THE MUSIC , ENJOY ITS COLORS ( DISCORD ) . ; TITLE : DISCORD 2 ( with five voices melody at has a semitone of distance from the first voice to the second voice , from the second voice to the third and sw on ) . ; TECHNIQUE : Mixed technique on wood . ; SIGNED : 18 / 3 / 2007 ; DIME...

Debra Ann Congi - Colors Of The WindColors Of The WindDebra Ann Congi

In my mind if I could see the wind on any given day in any kind of weather, this is what it would look like.

Anna Zygmunt Pietrek - SILENT ANGEL, 2013 cm.30x40-FRAMEDSILENT ANGEL, 2013 cm.30x40-FRAMEDAnna Zygmunt Pietrek

Abstract painting depicting a delicate figures of an angel located at the top right corner of the work. The Land on Which the angel painting is made up of various bright colors and shiny. The predominant colors are: pink, black, blue, white. The painting is done completely by hand and media of the h...

Anna Zygmunt Pietrek - Graphic Angel, 2012, oil on canvasGraphic Angel, 2012, oil on canvasAnna Zygmunt Pietrek

Abstract painting Concerning the fantasy world of Angels. The artwork Represents a delicate figure of a little Angel That Seems To observe the world from the high. The delicate figures of the angel is collocated in the center of the painting, in the bass and is painted over a semi-abstract landscape...

Anna Zygmunt Pietrek - Nick Angel. Year 2012, oil on canvas.Nick Angel. Year 2012, oil on canvas.Anna Zygmunt Pietrek

A very beautiful semi-abstract painting want That Represent the fantastic world of the angels. In the center of the painting and Placed at the top, a delicate and tender figure of a little angel That Seems To keep watch over the landscape, dominated by geometric shapes and delicate Which is Characte...