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The Artworks of topic Abstact and ...

Bicard Wable - Late d-automneLate d'automneBicard Wable

Acrylic paint on canvas and blasted resinous . In shades d'automne brown , of white . Square table enough bold .

Kristin Abraham - Mea CulpaMea CulpaKristin Abraham

The painting, Mea Culpa (latin for “my fault”) holds a literal and figurative meaning. Salty tears, and fractured foundations are depicted. While we were in California the sky cried for five days. Those tears collected into cliffs. Cliffs split into waterfalls. Waterfalls carved canyons. Canyons ope...

Rosa Bilhe - spacespaceRosa Bilhe

abstract work oil Chilies blasted

Leonard Shane - Silent StreamSilent StreamLeonard Shane

This was a fun picture to create because the water never once got to dry during the whole creation of this piece, in fact it just kept moving and creating its own effect throughout the duration. Sometimes it's just fascinating to work with water, keep the canvas continually wet, and allow the mediu...

Leonard Shane - Raging SeaRaging SeaLeonard Shane

I did this painting in 3 hours in an art class and came out of the session totally exhausted because I simply allowed the creation to just flow unimpeded and drag me along. The art paper seemed to literally have water flowing, never being allowed to dry for the whole 3 hour duration. In one hand w...