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The Artworks of topic Woman and with the specified color and ...

Ferraro Dominique - -The Shameless-'The Shameless'Ferraro Dominique

Image of a woman with voluptuous curves, naked, waiting, frozen, without shame, in total harmony with her body.
Pensive, she imagined ....
Indecent, she hopes ....
Love, she waits ....
Faceless, one can imagine his enthusiastic expression, free and light in his eyes.
Again a...

Bernard Elliott - Mrs. ScalesMrs. ScalesBernard Elliott

Mrs. Scales is a real life person and she is still alive at this time. She was 99 years old at this painting in 2001. She was a teacher most of her life and was still sharp as a tack then. She loved to tell stoies and share her life's experiences with everyone.;Currently in private ownership.

Mamu - Art - BalanceBalanceMamu - Art

Sometimes life is like a tightrope. But this woman seems - high in the clouds - totally fearless and almost weightless to balance on the rope.

Aymeric Noa Artiste Peintre - AnimaAnimaAymeric Noa Artiste Peintre

in psychology anima is the women from l'esprit at l'homme . The table symbolizes a current fantasy at l'homme : More woman is desirable , it more is dangerous .

Alexander Presniakov - Love and the UnicornLove and the UnicornAlexander Presniakov

This is a dreamy landscape setting featuring a lovely young female embracing a delightful unicorn. The woman is representing love, the universal nurturer of all life in a timeless pose.

Ferraro Dominique - a woman on with  one  woman a woman on with one woman Ferraro Dominique

Meeting and symbiosis for women a tribute at l'amour between free two women . ; Liberty d'aimer and of fully experience emotions and his sexuality without restraint and without the scary d'être res . ; A story of life , a story d'amour true , a story of women in all his poetry , in all her expressio...

Lilian Prebisch - book woman book woman Lilian Prebisch

These work belongs to an series work under the way to ' Book of artist ' realized in paper and wooden .