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The Artworks of topic Symbolism and ...

Joma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia - AuroraAuroraJoma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia

Comme to me. Descend from the skys, Oh sharp Spirit wich mold the faith of men. Who are You that come to help me without been called by me? I get together now my calm streghs to be with you and cross the skys in the Star and Moon Boat and with it we made the firmament. Stars and constellations of in...

Alg Sculpture - spirit from woman spirit from woman Alg Sculpture

this sculpture represents the shapes female hollow and in curves harmonious ; certificate unique in ; certificate of l'artiste ; for l'achat making a offer

Joma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia - Fiat Lux (Let there be Light)Fiat Lux (Let there be Light)Joma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The earth was without form and empty; and it had darkness on the face of the abyss, but the Spirit of God was on the face of the waters. God Said: Fiat Lux. And there was light. And God saw the light was good; and made separation between the lig...

Joma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia - The Power Is Within YouThe Power Is Within YouJoma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia

The Power is Within.;Within is the strength, the Light and the wisdom.;Don’t you look outside what you have inside.;All the Universe is within you and all has been done so that you can see.;In the fearest look where nothing shines.;In the Sacred Light that shines from the East and from the High make...

Maria R.P.Henriques - Flower-s SpiritFlower's SpiritMaria R.P.Henriques

Illustration for a book of short stories