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The Artworks of topic Surrealism and with the specified color and ...

Lázaro Hurtado - Shapes...just shapesShapes...just shapesLázaro Hurtado


Leonard Shane - Red VaseRed VaseLeonard Shane

This painting was simply great fun to create as I got to work with the most vibrant of colors and exaggerated floral shapes to create a real eye catching piece. It literally fills a room and just draws your total attention to it. Sometimes a piece like this calls out to be created where the artist...

Annette Du Plessis - -What about the women-- definately not the 5th spoke in the wheel... just the May page of the calender -13 moons but 12 months.-"What about the women?" definately not the 5th spoke in the wheel... just the May page of the calender "13 moons but 12 months."Annette Du Plessis

The women's struggle is in the forfront of the battle for human rights for all. The image shows a woman - just like Atlas, carrying the earth in top of her head (not shoulders). Georgia O'Keeffe's words explore deeper: ' 'I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other...

Nico Fourie - Stages of a Woman IStages of a Woman INico Fourie

the young girl on the beach, with a happy sky and her protector lying in front. Yet their is just a hint of fear and of future hardship.

Ruth Olivar Millan - Cuca - Homage to Martin RamirezHomage to Martin RamirezRuth Olivar Millan - Cuca

This was created by Ruth Olivar Millan, after visiting a museum featuring an unknown Mexican American artist that was institutionalized for most of his life. He died in the 50's but just now receiving attention. This is in Homage to Martin Ramirez. This original painting is for sale contact the art...

Martina Shapiro - Abstract Green GirlAbstract Green GirlMartina Shapiro

This painting has been SOLD. For more information visit the artist's website: ww.MartinaShapiro.com;Fauvist abstract portrait of a girl in shades of green, pink, yellow and violet. Interesting, intense expression and a sense of movement, rich, vibrant colors and an interesting texture.;My artistic i...

Glynis Berger - End of the Road (small version)End of the Road (small version)Glynis Berger

I stumbled upon this old house and just had to paint it! It is gallery wrapped and the sides are painted.. No frame is necessary. Please note, there is a LARGE version of this painting measuring 44 x 58 inches. VERY DRAMATIC! Available at ww.glynisberger.com Check out my blog: ww.coffeeandapai...

Kristin Abraham - Slight ReturnSlight ReturnKristin Abraham

“Well, I stand up next to a mountain;Chop it down with the edge of my hand;Well, I pick up all the pieces and make an island;Might even raise just a little sand;'Cause I'm a voodoo child;Lord knows I'm a voodoo child”;~Jimi Hendrix;The lyrics above are written by Seattle-born, Jimi Hendrix for the s...