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The Artworks of topic Spiritual and with the specified color and ...

Linda Slasberg - The Medicine WheelThe Medicine WheelLinda Slasberg

The Medicine Wheel is a symbol for the wheel of life - forever evolving, bringing new lessons and truths to the walking of the path.;Very important in Native American culture

Michael Cook - CivilizationCivilizationMichael Cook

Trudging up the weary path of stones;to the hills alive with history....;Somewhere along the route;a new perspective emerges....

Stephen J Vattimo Illustrations - The Three WitnessesThe Three WitnessesStephen J Vattimo Illustrations

Acrylic on Canvas;Size :48'x 68';Year finished: 2004-14 ;This painting illustrates three witness who are taking part in the salvation;of a homeless person. the figure in the background are angles, this imposed by them being Positioned on second floor balconies,symbolizing they are not humans,they a...

Manjiri Kanvinde - A Soulful JourneyA Soulful JourneyManjiri Kanvinde

A spiritual painting depicting Buddha. The beautiful butterfly denotes a path towards life....a new beginning.;Title: A Soulful Journey.;Medium: Acrylic on Yupo paper.;Size:14' x 11';YUPO is a state of the art synthetic material offering all the attributes of the highest quality papers and added ben...

Amiot Bernard - Vosges , just before mistVosges , just before mistAmiot Bernard

Year 2017 ; Painting has l'huile on the pattern to l'heure or forest green begins in themselves plaster fog , and qu'à every turn path , the discovery d'un new garden of mystery . . . Just , enjoy the last ray of sun from paper the floor here and yonder d'une pellet of color .

Kristin Abraham - Left At The TracksLeft At The TracksKristin Abraham

While we are faced with many crossroads in life, some are more obvious than others. The important thing is that we realize that there is beauty in whichever path we choose. We'll always want what we don't have, and the grass will always look greener on the other side. ;While I usually don't prefer t...

Philhelm Philhelm - B110 – WHEN FISHES CAME OUT OF THE WATER …2010.B110 – WHEN FISHES CAME OUT OF THE WATER …2010.Philhelm Philhelm

B110 – WHEN FISHES CAME OUT OF THE WATER …2010 - Acrylic on canvas 125 x 190 cm – 49,2 x 74,8 inches. - BABYLONIAN / (Text translated by Google) / This painting assumes a continuation of the previous one, namely the B109 (When gods were men ... 2009) with which it forms a diptych, 125 x 380 cm /...

Altmayer Bruno - The witness évaltonnéThe witness évaltonnéAltmayer Bruno

The specter of Fukushima marked the spirits in the new millennium. There is in man s attitude a propensity to harm as much as exploit all resources, prefer to take the risk of indiscriminate produce energy for destructive military initially to meet the needs of power hungry gear and comforts fools. ...

Kristin Abraham - Hihla (He tha, Choctaw for -dancer-)Hihla (He tha, Choctaw for "dancer")Kristin Abraham

Hihla, pronounced as he • tha, is the Choctaw word for 'dancer.' ;Traveling along the Natchez Trace in Mississippi, we navigated through lands that were once owned by the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indian tribes. Along the side of the road, there are markers explaining the history of this heavily travele...