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The Artworks of topic Religion and with the specified color and ...

Rs Art Gallery - private collection - christ  - by adrian serranoprivate collection " christ  " by adrian serranoRs Art Gallery

collection art private taken for sale . - ; painting by adrian serrano . - ; not hesitate to contact before any restlessness .

Monica G.Mo - for herfor herMonica G.Mo

escutcheon represented is an breeding dice l'orgueil that makes part of stained glass of our Lady from The paris

Jacques Afriat - the haimthe haimJacques Afriat

the haim signified ' cheers ' . ; baba sali pays dice l'eau of life has his guests . ; SOLD.

James Stow - Lucas Van Leyden -Ecco Homo- Plate Signed EngravingLucas Van Leyden "Ecco Homo" Plate Signed EngravingJames Stow

Out Standing engraved work by Lucas Van Leyden , noted German Old Master Engraver . Great impression of this image found on 18th century trimmed paperfrom a later edition. This is impression is very good . This treasure of Lucas Van Leyden works measures 5 by 6.50 inches is plate signed. Recent Inte...

James Stow - Rembrandt van Rijn   -Joseph Telling His Dreams-  EtchingRembrandt van Rijn "Joseph Telling His Dreams" EtchingJames Stow

What a Find !!! A original etching by the Dutch Master Rembrandt Van Rign. ' Joseph Telling His Dreams'.Original Etching on early laid paper plate-mark. This is recorded in the Hollstein Catalalogue Resume 37 , final state .Judging the quality of the impression from a aerlier Bason Edition. This is ...

Debra Ann Congi - HipocracyHipocracyDebra Ann Congi

I look at the world and what it has become today and see that it all started in the beginning with Eve taking a bite of the apple. Religion has been a major controversial factor in humans lives and interpretations have caused wars and continues to do so. Wars keep taking part based on it and we may ...

James Stow - Martin Schnonauger  -Flight into Egypt- EngravingMartin Schnonauger "Flight into Egypt" EngravingJames Stow

Rare,impression of ' Flight into egypt' on trimmed laid paper . Specially rare impression of this image found on late 18th century paper. This is impression is very good . This treasure of Schnonger works measures 4.75 by 7.25 inches is plate signed. Recent International Auction Houses has sold very...