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The Artworks of topic Philosophy and ...

Gotas En Gris Drops In Grey - NaturalNaturalGotas En Gris Drops In Grey

Natural oil on canvas and is inspired by nature, the relationship between human beings and of which she is a part. Jose Ramon Basilovich get amaze with its landscape where using their creativity introduces naked, muscular man in a tree to show that is part of the beauty of nature that is portrayed i...

Carol L Ersery-Warren - Bird of ParadiseBird of ParadiseCarol L Ersery-Warren

Strong shades of a variety of colors excite the canvas showing this gorgeous Bird of Paradise Plant the lights are further focused on by the dark back ground

Anna Zygmunt Pietrek - PATIENCE 2013 cm. 80 x 60PATIENCE 2013 cm. 80 x 60Anna Zygmunt Pietrek

Which artwork in everything Becomes mutation and thrill. Evoking the image of the girl with a perfect body, her face nuanced from the warm, muted colors, Its limpid smile enraptured That captures the eye of the beholder. The painting is rich expressiveness. Expressed expressiveness That is not only ...

Anahid Kasmaie - blue motionblue motionAnahid Kasmaie

The mutuality abstracted reflex between sea and sky was covered my topic paintings in the years of 1998 to 2005. these years my focus was on the color of lights and the relationship between sea and sky in different situation and special moments .

Anna Zygmunt Pietrek - -MIXTY FLOWERS- 2013 70 × 60 cm, Oil on canvas'MIXTY FLOWERS' 2013 70 × 60 cm, Oil on canvasAnna Zygmunt Pietrek

A Wonderful glimpse of nature with flowers That is depicted in a landscape dominated by a dark blue background with azure, depicted in the right half, multicolor flowers by various shades of red, orange, light blue, and violet. Realized on linen canvas with oil paint and a bit of spray colors and wi...

Carlos Roces - paseo del bombépaseo del bombéCarlos Roces

in the field saint francis ; of the capital : Oviedo ; The lights over the trees ; and the shades above ground

Mairim Perez - she is the over  Spring she is the over Spring Mairim Perez

Technique : Acrilic on web ; Size : 56 x 76 cm ; Year : 2018 ; Comment : Its a woman showing the beauty of his nudity , with pastel shades of roses and red . She is alongside her doves , flowers and leaves showing the beauty of these station year , with much fantasy and poetry . ; The light is prese...