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The Artworks of topic Night Landscape and with the specified color and ...

Michelle Auboiron - Bridge Grenelle , statue of liberty and house from there RadioBridge Grenelle , statue of liberty and house from there RadioMichelle Auboiron

Extracted of the series ' THE BRIDGES OF PARIS ' - 1996 ; 54 means paintings and large formats ? acralic on canvas ; Carried out wire dice l'eau out and l'eau from there Sein

Raymonde Tormo - my Town my Town Raymonde Tormo

l'église view from the st jeans cau in rueil Bad house ; quiet street the city ; painting has l'huile ; very beautiful flowery city and loaded d'histoire ; L'église dice Rueil-Malmaison of which the founding traced back the ninth century , houses the tombs dice l'Impératrice Josephine and of his gir...

Xristoph L-Host - Tribute to painter  King Tribute to painter King Xristoph L'Host

The discovery painter Austrian Hunderwasser cask a revelation for me , . J'aime the works dice l'homme and also the ideas . He designed the house ideal that i dream d'habiter one day .

Alain Faure - house the Woodcutter house the Woodcutter Alain Faure

HOUSE THE WOODCUTTER ; Watercolor : 50 x 40 ; At the end of the field d’orge or are remains plants a few poplars , one can perceive a small farmhouse where lives one again old lumberjack . C’est the early dice l’été and under this frame bucolic , the birds sing at tue-tête time when dairy cows rumin...

Jacques Fontan - At Ste-AnneAt Ste-AnneJacques Fontan

in quebec , One house preserved by l'esprit dice l'époque . You there lives fine , at l'aise at center d'un grove and surrounded by fields .

Yves Decaudan - aquarium in imaginary aquarium in imaginary Yves Decaudan

Acrylic canvas ' imaginary aquarium ' by yves decaudan , Acralic on canvas cotton , frame wooden , the songs are painted enabling dice l'exposer with or unframed ; Issued certificated d'authenticité , shipment baggage mail with tracking and packaging cared for . L'œuvre can be also withdrawn in my w...

Stephen Mead - What on Earth-What on Earth?Stephen Mead

https://plus.google.com/111539307302770108255/posts/V4s72f5a6ai;Like all of us, wrestling with the 2016 election results and its aftermath, the fears I have for this country and the planet have grown deeper.   As a result I found myself working on the image above.  As it came together saw it as a pi...

Alain Denefle Dit Niala - depth to Blue depth to Blue Alain Denefle Dit Niala

'Annéés gardens ' , workart dice 1990 . ; Funds d'atelier dice l'artiste .