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The Artworks of topic Mystery and ...

Edward Tabachnik - Sonata of Sun. Castle.Sonata of Sun. Castle.Edward Tabachnik

Series of Paintings: 'Mystery of World Creation'. Mystery Castles.

Yan Roggemans - lifted of the sun has norham castlelifted of the sun has norham castleYan Roggemans

based upon a table of JMWTURNER ' sunrise norham castle

Carlos Roces - Flock in MontealegreFlock in MontealegreCarlos Roces

In the distance: The Castle.
Close to see the pastor
with the flock of sheep
walking in the sun.

Jerry Sauls - Lake Annecy JewelLake Annecy JewelJerry Sauls

Even from a distance as the boat moved closer and closer, I knew that I would be experiencing something very special. As we slowed, from only a few hundred feet, the visual transformation peaked. The afternoon sun provided just the right lighting; intensifying the extreme contrasts between bright l...

Francine Vaysse - Lady of TrecessonLady of TrecessonFrancine Vaysse

A legend exists in Britain on Castle Trecesson, or a lady on her wedding day was buried alive near an oak.

Régine Graviassy Devarewaerre - REVOCATION DICE L- ANGELREVOCATION DICE L' ANGELRégine Graviassy Devarewaerre

In the yard print ; You who remade l’monde each morning ; As an child with words you're welcome ; Who we talked d’aimer better than books ; For y to be in the heart print ; Give the key lyrics ; Which opens the cage the birds ; L’arc fine jet d’eau ; And the direction parables ; You who seems to be ...

Créalternatif - Galerie Créalternatif - TaleTaleCréalternatif - Galerie Créalternatif

Digital work, remarkable for its calligramme, pictorial poetry and soli-lunar light.
I moved on plexi holder: Plexi-Diff 3mm type Day Night , or fine art paper mounted on aluminum with protective varnish and 4 holes + set of spacers.
Painting signed, dated and comes with certificate of aut...