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The Artworks of topic Men and with the specified color and ...

Bredereck Inna - Portrait of the man with the three colour catPortrait of the man with the three colour catBredereck Inna

Drawing people is one of my specialty. A good photograph is all that is required to do a great portrait that you will love and cherish for many years. If you are interested in having a painting made, please Contact me inna@inweb.de A painting of your beloved family or friend is a priceless souvenir....

Jocelyn Van Breda - IN THE CITY - THE BANQUET  - framedIN THE CITY - THE BANQUET - framedJocelyn Van Breda

A wonderful banquet for friends, with the beautiful candel light making all the people glow

Harry Weisburd - Happy Hour  3DHappy Hour 3DHarry Weisburd

3D watercolor painting, free complementary 3D glasses with order, Unframed + shipping.;Regular watercolor painting on the wall, with 3D glasses, images becomes 3D.

Nazzi Art Gallery - ConcordantConcordantNazzi Art Gallery

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky;Are also on the faces of people going by;I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do;They're really saying I love you !

Asbjorn Lonvig - -Jaco in South Africa- in The Complete fine art works of World of Art Award winning artist Asbjorn Lonvig, Denmark."Jaco in South Africa" in The Complete fine art works of World of Art Award winning artist Asbjorn Lonvig, Denmark.Asbjorn Lonvig

For sale after 31 October 2010 - After clearing with MMX Art in Cape Town.

;The 2010 Fairy Tales, South Africa: 'Jaco in South Africa'.;Hi, I am a Grey Parrot and I live in the Monte Casino Bird Park in Johannesburg. My name is Jaco.;On Wednesdays I fly to Cape Town to visit my cousins.;I lov...

Martijn Limburg - La ChefLa ChefMartijn Limburg

In this painting you see my dear beautiful wife Monique joyfully busy with her business; Cooking and let Cook. As a Self-made Women, as la Chef de Cuisine for almost 10 years in command of her cooking studios. Here she is teaching you and your friends, with the right guidance and patience, the right...