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The Artworks of topic Humor and ...

Rosy- Line - Lady the kusanshonteLady the kusanshonteRosy- Line

Lady the kusanshonte ( second drawing which completes the diptych ) ; In l’univers festive from miss tam tam , ; Lady the kusanshonte ; Drawers the buttocks madame everyone . ; With its eyes of hinds , her l’aguiche . ; And when d’un bang d’œil , It turned rinses l’œil . ; His finger on the roundnes...

Novik Olesya - Lady in red 3dLady in red 3dNovik Olesya

Photo of Paintings done on three Sides, allowing You to see the Difference in Image when the Angle of View changes.

Jose Manuel Solares - Medieval Lady.Medieval Lady.Jose Manuel Solares

Sir John de Creke and his wife Alyne c. 1325
Westley Waterless, Cambridgeshire, England.
Gothic art is a style that developed in Western Europe during the last centuries of the Middle Ages (coincides with the fullness and the crisis) until the introduction of the Renaissance.

Classical Indian Art Gallery - LADY LIGHTING A LAMP (Chugtai)LADY LIGHTING A LAMP (Chugtai)Classical Indian Art Gallery

(COPY OF CHUGTAI PAINTING);Artist: Mirza Mohd Ali Baig;( world renowned miniature artist );Judge's award for excellence - 'WATERFORD CRYSTAL FLAG' at the world exhibition of :Fine Art in ;Miniature' INTERNATIONAL GALLERY,(Smithsonian) WASHINGTON D.C. in the year 2004.;'GOLD memorial bowl award' from...

Manjiri Kanvinde - Rajasthani Lady-AllureRajasthani Lady-AllureManjiri Kanvinde

This is a painting of a Rajasthani Lady. Famed for their remarkable beauty and keen sense of honor, the women of Rajasthan have been the heroines of many a tragic legends and heroic episodes. The beauty of these women is alluring.;Medium: Acrylic on Yupo paper;Size: 14' x 11';It will look beautiful ...