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The Artworks of topic Humor and with the specified color and ...

Rosy- Line - Lady the kusanshonteLady the kusanshonteRosy- Line

Lady the kusanshonte ( second drawing which completes the diptych ) ; In l’univers festive from miss tam tam , ; Lady the kusanshonte ; Drawers the buttocks madame everyone . ; With its eyes of hinds , her l’aguiche . ; And when d’un bang d’œil , It turned rinses l’œil . ; His finger on the roundnes...

Manjiri Kanvinde - Rajasthani Lady-AllureRajasthani Lady-AllureManjiri Kanvinde

This is a painting of a Rajasthani Lady. Famed for their remarkable beauty and keen sense of honor, the women of Rajasthan have been the heroines of many a tragic legends and heroic episodes. The beauty of these women is alluring.;Medium: Acrylic on Yupo paper;Size: 14' x 11';It will look beautiful ...

Mona Mansour Jandali - Behind the StormBehind the StormMona Mansour Jandali

The image of a girl's youthful, yet saddened disposition behind a rainstorm reflects the gloom in the ambience.

The World Today - Blind-Blind?The World Today

This is the same lady who ears fell off and when they were re-attached she could hear. But she couldn't see.

Jose Manuel Solares - Medieval Lady.Medieval Lady.Jose Manuel Solares

Sir John de Creke and his wife Alyne c. 1325
Westley Waterless, Cambridgeshire, England.
Gothic art is a style that developed in Western Europe during the last centuries of the Middle Ages (coincides with the fullness and the crisis) until the introduction of the Renaissance.