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The Artworks of topic Floral and with the specified color and ...

Lucy Arnold - Red PetalsRed PetalsLucy Arnold

These few petals contain such a wealth of lush color that I just had to capture them. They become monumental and almost abstracted in this view. Pastels were used, but the color is completely saturated. 24' x 18' prints available.

Patrizia Zancan - pinks blue pinks blue Patrizia Zancan

A rose perfectly credible , with petals , stem and much of frost drops spread ( that unfortunately the photograph is they see gradually ) . A rose huge and of a blue dark , dull and an po' silver background d'oro gold coin . In light of the sun its a real show !

Réjane Gohier - pink lilypink lilyRéjane Gohier

realized after pattern of pink lily petals cut off mat

Bernard Elliott - Water Lilly PinkWater Lilly PinkBernard Elliott

This painting is done with a surprising effect...when I had set it in a dimly lit corner, the flower petals seem to 'POP' out at you! This was entirely by chnace, as I wish I knew how to do it again! I have more paintings I wish I could use this with!

Vincent Autenrieb - LifeLifeVincent Autenrieb

The image was created as both a meditation aid and a celebration of life. Incorporated are multiple symbols for life from various traditions. The lotus flower appears in each of the four corners with lines pointing to each of them from an 'infinity' symbol in the center of the image which is on the ...

Joma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia - The Key Of LifeThe Key Of LifeJoma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia

With the Key of Life that all reaches and in pair opens.;In an Universe without fear, where the Inner Peace exists.;I am afraid of nothing and in the veil of time the past exists no more.;From all came from far, in the boats of Light that I have done for myself.;I receive in my arms and make necklac...