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The Artworks of topic Fantasy and with the specified color and ...

Vincent Autenrieb - Alien ReposeAlien ReposeVincent Autenrieb

Outer space is at times a catalyst for inspiration sparking my imagination to run wild at times when reflecting on its vastness and limitless possibilities. In this image, I imagine a world with intelligent bird-like beings that are using their moon as a cemetery, sacred place, and possibly a peace...

Aurore Dirand - Chinese warriorChinese warriorAurore Dirand

Reproduction of a work of Luis Royo. You can find the original painting in the artist s book entitled 'Dead Moon'.
Simple black frame included.

Olga Dmytrenko - Lacus Somniorum (Lake of Dreams)Lacus Somniorum (Lake of Dreams)Olga Dmytrenko

This paintings is an imagination of the Lunar lacus (singular lacus, Latin for for 'lake') from a close distance. Lacus Somniorum is a plain located in the northeastern part of the Moon's near side. It is located at selenographic coordinates 38.0° N, 29.2° E, and has a diameter of 384 kilometers. It...

Aurore Dirand - Mystique BeautyMystique BeautyAurore Dirand

Reproduction of Luis Royo, to find the original painting: book 'Dead Moon Epilogue.'

Aurore Dirand - Feel AwakeningFeel AwakeningAurore Dirand

Reproduction of a painting of Luis Royo. You can find the original painting by the artist in his book 'Dead Moon'.
Simple black frame included.