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The Artworks of topic Emotions and ...

Rita Poos160253 - on the way to the Fuerstenon the way to the FuerstenRita Poos160253

Let me go , i have You enough beloved , ; got me enough to you cared , ; hab enough to You weeped . . . ; let me go . . . for i go to the Fuersten . . . ; he has long enough on myself serviced .

Jean Jourdan - Bubble bloomingBubble bloomingJean Jourdan

Right in delirium after an overdose of music , i let go and i let go in this acute flowering bubles bubbles

Bicard Wable - DixDixDixDixBicard Wable

I let go of my inspiration Zao Wou Ki, I love her features carried by a current of air, light wind, everything is gone.

Leonard Shane - Kids CyclingKids CyclingLeonard Shane

This painting, 'Kids Cycling', was great fun to do as I had a initial sense of where I wanted to go, but enjoyed its creation so very much because I let the medium and the brilliant acrylic colors dictate each stroke; I simply went along 'for the ride', so to speak. What amazes me about art is how ...

Annie Predal - out the rogue out the rogue Annie Predal

Workart carried on cotton canvas . ; Use of felt tip pens posca+acrylique and varnish to protect l'oeuvre . ; The time to go over this canvas : thirty d'heures . ; I let my imagination guide me in l'harmonie of colors and from forms .


WINCH At STARBOARD ; acralic on canvas : 80 x 60 ( private collection ) ; For John knotted it another listening on the genoa and l’enroulait on the winch , i postais at starboard . Giving gradually the soft has the bump d’enrouleur on the winch , i let go quietly , at as john bordered l’écoute . Mus...

Terral Hélène - Decadence noctureDecadence noctureTerral Hélène

For this work, I let myself immersed in the night environment Funicular, over the cliff, in the city of Tréport in Normandy.
The funicular is a Tréport inclined elevators line that connects the slums Tréport the top of the cliff. I chose the atmosphere of this place, because I find particularly...

Joma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia - I leave you the Perpetual Fire I leave you the Perpetual Fire Joma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia

Night falls passing... my pain is bleeding... Unhappy destiny that the good assigned to me, poor I find my self! I sigh in a misguided discouragement, I go up high, will be that I am pardoned? Without fire. Without light. How I go to live? If are so few my loves of the past.... Will I be the Promess...

Lohmuller Gyuri - Go DivaGo DivaLohmuller Gyuri

The original was sold.;Upon request, I can paint a similar theme (more or less accurate than the original). Please contact me to order.