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The Artworks of topic Cosmos and ...

Amiot Bernard - Rendez-vous d-une woman in blueRendez-vous d'une woman in blueAmiot Bernard

Year 2018 ; Drawing on the motif representing a young woman waiting for his lover at nook d'une paris street , took d'une terrace of coffee for more to comfort . . . ; Round of the model in workshop and up in place with d'autres characters on the theme of l'amour . ; My composition : A large potrait...

Steven Streight - a-lien sun watchera"lien sun watcherSteven Streight

proof that there are sun-dwellers, star-creatuers, life forms that inhabit and thrive in stellar orbs

Studio Jjcuper - FROZEN IN TIME I CAN-T SEE THE HAZELNUT-The groundhog from Punxstawnwey -Pansatoni-FROZEN IN TIME I CAN'T SEE THE HAZELNUT-The groundhog from Punxstawnwey "Pansatoni"Studio Jjcuper

If there's not enough light to see the marmot-illa it attracts and girates towards the sun. Screwdriver with two postures which erect the chain of life. Cristaline tear with positions and a coin ready for anything. The marmot with a call card and an attractive beauty spot on its mug. Many changes ...